Instagram in PC to Instagrille

Instagram in PC to Instagrille

Instagram is a popular app for mobile, is available in the shops of Android and iOS and in recent years has become one of the applications more widely used in addition to evolve to social network and become a community of people who applies filters to photos and share on social networks Dropbox.

Instagram in PC thanks to Instagrille

The problem is that this brilliant application does not find PC available straight for the platform and till some time ago we had to resort to other alternatives, till now.

Instagrill is a great extension to Pokki (Windows program) that serves us to use our account Instagram on PCS and is, now you can enjoy seeing the photos of your known from your desktop without the need to view them in your mobile Android or with iOS.

In this article we will give you instructions to follow to have installed Instagrille in Windows with the help of Pokki.

Intall Pokki

The first thing we need to do is go to Pokki, which is a curious application for Windows that adds utility to the bar of Windows, in this way we can install extensions as Instagrille and others, for this first of all we will go to the official website of Pokki and what we are going to download.


Install Instagram for PC using Instagrille

Now taking Pokki installed we headed to install Instagrille, this can be done by entering the icon of Pokki in the Windows bar, install Instagrille and already we can start to use Instagram on our PC!

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