Install Dropbox for MAC

Install Dropbox for MAC

Install Dropbox for MAC


Install Dropbox for MAC
Install Dropbox for MAC

Considered one of the most stable operating systems, in addition to preferred by great part of the expert and is to talk about computers and Macs I have to tell you that although sometimes it can cause us some problems when you want to search a series of applications that are complete and that they end up by giving us what we need. Would like to have a virtual hard disk?, well I have to tell you that we found many things that can be of great benefit to those who want to store each of your files that are within the team.

Dropbox is one of the best tools on the market, plus you can use it completely free and I have to point out to you that for those who seek to have their files everywhere and have an acceptable GB amount so you can have the files you need, then I have to tell you that with this application, you will see a new way to bring your files everywhere.

Dropbox for MAC is a very complete application, that you can get out of a hurry so this n have any kind of complications so that your files are safe. Why is that we want to explain to you in detail about everything that tells us this application. Best of all is that if you have an iPhone or iPad you can send your files in a matter of moments. That is becoming one of the best options so you don’t have problems to download, install and store files. Do you have a Mac?, then we’ll explain how to download it as well as install it.

How to download Dropbox for MAC?


In this case I have to tell you that by means of this application, you will have u n snap perfect is that you can store from games to documents. Likewise, we must point out that by means of this type of application, it is as you will find an item that you take everywhere this program. To install Dropbox for MAC, first thing you can do is go to the official dropbox page where I have to tell you that the process is too fast and that same, is that what you should do first is the following:

When we are inside this site is that you can start to download Dropbox for MAC, the burden of implementation will vary little by little and I have to tell you that your process is immediate and has an approximate weight of 20 MB, it all depends on the version of the operating system you have.

In this case you will need to have at least the version of OS X Tiger 10.4 as well as subsequent updates for with this, you don’t have problems with the compatibility of the device. So once you consider this, I have to tell you that your process is immediately where to download will keep us a .dmg file so then the installation can run.

Once you have finished download it and run it, this process will take several minutes, all depending on the internet speed you have.

How to open an account of Dropbox on a MAC?


Once you have the application or program downloaded, what you should do is press the “register” button or also known as “register”. Then of all of this, you will have to add your main user data so you don’t have problems in the event that you suffer problems with access to dropbox, where should be noted that it is not something common but if it is something you have to prevent against any mishap.

Since you have installed Dropbox on a Mac application I have to tell you that it is just matter that you start a session, it is necessary to point out that it is important to verify the account, where to send you an email so this account is not deleted due to lack of verification. It is also another good security tool.

Set up an account of Dropbox for MAC


This is a matter of taste but if you want to have idea how Configure dropbox for MAC, because then you will have to open the application so that then all this, is that you can choose from where you go storing some copies, direct downloads of files. You will have to go to the tab advanced = > selective synchronization where as stated above you can link other types of devices. So this is how you can take advantage of all that this application offers us.

The installation process as well as configuration is optional because you can find a quick version or personalised. Why is that you must not have complications so that installation is immediate and you have a quick way to store files.

How to increase the storage space of Dropbox for MAC?


In this case, it should be noted that when you register it gives us a chance of up to 18 GB of free back in case that you want more space, remember that this platform has other pricing options so that you can hire them. They are plans monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual, that depends what look to finish by having a tool which as pass the years becomes a basic form of power store. So from now on, you don’t take into account that Dropbox for MAC is another quick option so you don’t have problems with the performance of this application and that you take each one of the files have everywhere, as a fast platform and seamlessly benefit that offers.

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